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Advance Electrical Supply has been Chicago's premier electrical solution since 1945. Exclusively servicing the Chicago market, Advance has flourished over the years by obtaining quality vendors and building long-lasting customer relationships. Privately owned, Advance's growth has been attributed to its ability  to quickly adapt to ever-changing markets and customer needs. 

With headquarters less than three miles west of the Chicago Loop, our location enables us to closely service large downtown projects. We pride ourselves on creating a premier customer experience through quick response times, high fill rates and timely deliveries.

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We're redefining ourselves, and in doing so, taking a head-on path to progress the industry. We're contractor-centered, flexible, innovative problem solvers that are always looking for the small improvements that add up to major gains in efficiency. We get involved, ask the right questions, dig out needs, set crystal-clear expectations and relentlessly execute.

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