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Advance became a Southwire Solutions partner in 2020. In this short time, we are already the Chicago market leader in CoilPAK sales and have

the most SIM REELS in the city.

Every job has its unique challenges, and we take pride in working with our partners in finding solutions for these challenges.


Wiring is just the start. Flexibility is at the center of everything we do, and in wire, that’s no different. We offer the ability to lock in pricing on high volume projects with longer development timelines while also offering daily spot market pricing to ensure transparency and smooth purchase approvals.

We've partnered with manufacturers to offer an expansive line of products, built an innovative high-speed reeling center, trained a skilled wiring team and integrated a dedicated wire project manager. With an unparalleled depth of knowledge, our team ensures  delivery of the right wire at the right price, delivered to your job site at the right time.

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